A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Meet Pink and Yellow, two bots programmed to recycle.

Meet the items, ready to be recycled!


You play as two robot brothers, Pink and Yellow tasked  with sending incoming recyclables to their next location... wherever that may be, and collecting points along the way. You are given only 3 misses before your boss shuts you down and labels you as a recyclable.

The goal is simple. Beat your top score and have fun!

Game Jam Limitations

This game was made for Major Jam 3 with a defined limitation of: 96x96 screen resolution

The game must have a maximum resolution of 96 pixels by 96 pixels. Imagine you're making a game for a console that has a screen of this size. You'll want to keep in mind which elements need more room and how small you can make any given element on screen before they blur into the background.


Title Screen[SPACE] - Play
[ESC] - Exit
Game Screen[UP/DOWN] - Pink
[W,S] - Yellow
[P] - Pause/unpause
[ESC]   - Exit
Game Over Screen[R] - Retry
[ESC]   - Exit


Thank You!!



recycle-bros-win32.zip 4 MB
Version 1 Dec 12, 2020
recycle-bros-win64.zip 5 MB
Version 1 Dec 12, 2020
recycle-bros-osx.zip 7 MB
Version 4 Dec 12, 2020

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